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Kala Jadu is a magic based on Tantra system that includes use of evil spirits for evil purposes. Kala jadu is a kind of energy which affects the human body like any other energy. Kala jadu was created by Lord Shivabut the real objective of kala jadu has been disappeared due to no use of this science for a long period of time. People are using Kala Jadu as a way to reach God for fulfilling selfish and greedy desires. They are using it for solving their own purpose and for their personal needs.
It is believed that it will be effective only if it is not being used for the bad purpose or with bad intentions. Kala jadu is mainly performed by tantriks as they use their powers as per the rule of nature. They have the grace of Lord Shiva for exercising multiple paranormal powers. If they will use their power against the nature for fulfilling personal needs then they will loose their powers soon. Using Kala Jadu, you can see souls and spirits with your normal eyes and it will help you in doing paranormal work. It will help in solving complicated problems easily using these powers. Effective results can be brought in by continuous practice or by tantriks only.

Kala Jadu is performed specifically on occasions like Dark nights, sun and moon eclipse as these souls became more creative and powerful on these occasions. Some of the symptoms for Kala Jadu are change in behaviour, color change of nails, shoulder and head pain, red eyes and change in behaviour. There can be many remedies to remove the power of kala jadu if it is done to harm you. Regular chanting of God's name can be effective to get rid of it. Expert tantrik should be consulted for the purpose of exercising these powers.
Voodoo Spells Are Like Pure Black Magic its used for control someone, destroy someone, and Kill Someone. Its very old and powerful technique, its specially used in south africa but after sometime india astrologers are also used this spells, many peoples are disturb and other issues from their relation or other peoples like :- Husband Wife's Dally Disturbance, disturbance Create by Laws mother-father in law, brother-sister in laws.boyfriend-girlfriends dumped, girlfriend boyfriend cheted, second husband wife, bad habits, teacher, boss or other any person and peoples are want to destroy kill or control them and want a powerful voodoo doll spells. that is not a crime because if any astrologer are dosomething on a person by voodoo doll spells or other spells then its not be in crime. It's under The Black Magic Spells.
If you want to kill Your Mother in law, If you want to kill ex husband wife, if you want to kill your father and brother in law, if you want to kill your boss, if you want to kill your enemy, and other any person, then don't worry Swami ji Will Help You to remove your all worry.
Love Partner Are very important person in every peoples life, but sometimes many problems and issues are create and increasing in relationship like :- Your partner is ignore you, your boyfriend girlfriend is cheat with you, your boyfriend girlfriend's affair with another boy or girl, Create love between you and your boyfriend girlfriend, patch-up with you boyfriend girlfriend after break-up, etc., many astrologers are used powerful black magic and love spells for get back your lost love and bring back your ex boyfriend girlfriend.

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